I'm Mikko Mäntylä, a passionate game developer and web engineer who loves to design and develop game-focused applications.

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> Games
  • Duelity
    A casual dueling game with two opposing gravities. The purpose is to shoot the other player and avoid both own and the enemy's bullets. A more refined mobile version is in the works. A game originally made at Finnish Game Jam 2022.
  • Serve and Beep
    An Overcook-inspired customer service game for 1-4 players with a focus on players working both behind the counter and in the customer space.
  • Platris (Linkin Game Jam 2020) Itch.io
    A game combining Tetris-inspired gameplay mechanics with platforming. This twist here is that you (or you and your friend) are controlling both the platformer character and the block dropper.
  • Strolling In The Rain (FGJ20)
    The main objective of this game jam was to get my team used to game developing as quick as possible. The whole team was new to game developing (Co-coder, Arttu was a game maker veteran, but new to Unity), so majority of the jam was used to teach, but the end result was very slick and we may continue this in the future.
  • You Were A Hero (Junction 2019)
    This was the first time doing game art for our artist, Paicap, so the jam was mostly spent teaching him the basics. Co-coder was Anton. We managed to get a nice athmospheric prototype game, where the game starts from where the game is already beaten and there is nothing to do and monsters can do nothing to harm you.
  • First there was Nothing (Ludum Dare 45)
    My first solo game jam. Was also a local site organizer at the same time, so not a lot of time could be dedicated into this, but still a fun little idea.
  • School project "Max's hatsumoude"
    A sequence of mini games in a parodic visual novel storytelling in Japanese. School project for Kanda Gaigo Daigaku.
  • Platformer demo
    A simple platformer clone I made over a week using a friend's art assets and level design.
  • An initial fire fighting simulator for HTC Vive (Junction 2017)
    (Made at Junction under 48h) I acted as the team's main programmer and it was the first time I've gotten a chance to dev for VR.

    You can download the project here (currently file missing due to server migration). You need to build this in unity yourself.

  • In & Verted (FGJ17)
    I acted as the main programmer, but had to partake in level design in the last 10 hours to get some levels done - thus some critical bugs remain.

    You can download the project here. Instructions should be in readme. (2 controllers needed!)

> Programs
  • Drag-and-drop UI
    An excersise made with react and spring boot. Database made with postgreSQL.
  • Shop catalog (screenshot)
    A catalog with search, ordering (asc/desc), editing and deleting. Database made with MySQL.
  • IoT-thermometer
    A simple thermometer made in python that logs the temperature and sends it to Google Sheets. The software alerts the user by sending an email to the user-specified email address. The software has a GUI made with tkinter.
  • IoT Fridge door alarm
    I provided the initial idea and implementation (both electronics and software) to alert whether fridge's door was left open. Alert destination was Mattermost.
> Events
  • Instanssi 2020, Pääjärjestäjä (Main organizer): ....
  • Instanssi 2018, Pääjärjestäjä (Main organizer): ....
  • Instanssi 2017, Pääjärjestäjä (Main organizer): ....
  • Instanssi 2016, Kompovastaava (Competition Function Head): I was responsible of stage presentation, holding speeches, keeping the schedule in order and holding competitions.
  • Instanssi 2015, BuildCrew: I was responsible of the electricity setup.
  • LanTrek 2015, BuildCrew: Building NON-BYOC computer area.